Welcome to Vibran Group of Companies

The company is fully committed to the development of the ventilation, acoustic and audio visual industries by striving to provide our customers with the best, most affordable and reliable solutions as well as setting the standard for quality products and after sales service.

Architecture Acoustical Engineering and Construction

We design and provide a range of solutions for acoustic absorption, sound diffusion and reflections. Typical spaces include auditoriums, convention halls, exhibition halls, banquet halls, indoor stadiums, multi-purpose halls, studios and cinemas.

Heavy Duty Industrial Centrifugal Fans and Blower

We have been manufacturing all types of centrifugal fans since 1984. Our range of heavy duty centrifugal fans are used in drying kilns, factory & warehouse ventilation in industrial zones, pneumatic conveying & dust collectors.

Commercial / Tunnel Ventilation &
Exhaust Systems

Our products are well proven in virtually all general ventilation and air conditioning applications can be supplied from stock within very short lead time. They include but are not limited to Centrifugal, Axial, Duct, Tube, In Line, Mixed Flow, Roof and Cooling Fans.


We are incredibly proud of the diversity of clients; ranging from commercial, industrial to residential. The below are just a handful of our products and solution services end users: