Architectural Acoustical Engineering and Construction



Since the early 1990’s, Vibran Engineering has evolved as a market leader in this highly specialized and critical area of building construction. The company is registered with Construction Industrial Development Board (CIDB) under category Grade G06 (B07 & B04).


Vibran Engineering provides complete solutions to Architectural Acoustics relating to Interior Acoustics Design, treatment for reverberation control, avoidance of flutter echoes and interior finish rendering for acoustic ambiance.


We design and provide a range of solutions for acoustic absorption, sound diffusion and reflections. Typical spaces include auditoriums, convention halls, exhibition halls, banquet halls, indoor stadiums, multi-purpose halls, studios and cinemas.


Our team of qualified engineers occasionally working with our overseas Principals carry out the following works:
* Conceptual design and / or detailed design development;
* Procurement and selection of materials to meet clients’ requirements, budget and standards set;
* Supervision and Installation works; and
* Testing and Commissioning after completion of installation


In any acoustic installation, the end result must match the standards set at the design stage. For this reason, acoustic measurements that can be conducted by us include:
* Sound Intensity Measurement;
* Noise Levels of plant and equipment (dBC, dBA, 1/1 octaves, 1/3 octaves, 23% and 3% narrow band);
* Reverberation times (RT60 in secs); and
* Noise Criteria (NC) Levels

Selected Project Reference / Proven Records: