Industrial Vibration and Noise Control



Over the years, we have carried out Industrial Noise and Vibration control projects throughout the country and Asean Region.


We have the expertise in the design of Noise and Vibration Isolation Systems for rotating machines, large leisure rides, gen-sets, machinery installation and floating floors for audiometric rooms, studios, mechanical plantrooms, anechoic chambers and other noise sensitive spaces.


Our services include but are not limited to design, installation and supplying vibration and noise control products for:
* mechanical & electrical systems in buildings including air-handling units (AHU’s), fan coil units (FCU’s), fans, pumps, motors, chillers, cooling towers and duct borne noise;
* floating floors;
* Acoustic Doors, Enclosures & louvres;
* building and wall isolation;
* highly sensitive equipment where vibration from outside sources has to be kept to a minimum(e.g. Electron microscope, SpectroPhotometer); and
* rain impact noise treatment

Selected Project Reference / Proven Records: